The science and art of marketing

We know just how much all aspects of marketing matter to you and to your customers too.
No marketing. No customers. No business.

No problem! We CAN help you with your marketing

Marketing Mix Solutions

Marketing Matters results-oriented marketing mix analysis

Customers have choice. We all understand this because we all have experience of being a customer - although possibly we're not your customer yet....

Marketing matters in order to persuade us exactly why we should be!

Your branding and strapline matter as they enable you to catch people's attention and to capture what you do in a nutshell.

Your message matters as you need people to know what's good about you and why you are the business!

Your reputation matters as your customers need to feel confident that they can trust you and that they are in safe hands.

Your sales/service proposition matters and your customers need to know what is and why it's the best for them.

We are strong advocates of ethical marketing which means being honest and clear - and of course at the same time sparkling too! Marketing strategy, competitor analysis, risk analysis, marketing mix, SWOT, 4Ps, - you name it, we're on the case.

Contact us with any of your marketing requirements including:

Web presence and Social Media
Simply provide us with the gist of who you are, what you do and who your target customers are and we will come up with some bright ideas for you in no time. What's more we are very e-savvy. We can provide tips on how to give your brand wide exposure without it costing you the earth the earth and on how to ensure that your website works wonders!

Branding and straplines
If you're pondering over what to call your business or if you are thinking of rebranding, we can definitely help. We're particularly good at branding and straplines. Why not try us and see?

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